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Heard the whoosh whoosh whoosh of my lil' babes heart!

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Hey Everyone!!
I'm so excited!!! Yesterday was our first appointment with the midwife.. I was so hoping to hear the heartbeat, but also knew that at 10 weeks 1 day, it was possible but not definite. After a little searching she was able to find it.. we got to hear it very shortly, and she was able to find it again - it was still just a quick one, but enough for us to know that the babe is doing fine in there!! YAAAY!! I asked the midwife before she started searching.. if you don't find it, do I have to wait another month??? She said that there are 'other' things they can do... but seeing as the lil' bean cooperated, we didn't find out what the other things might be!

I hope everyone is doing well!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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