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heart arrhythmia

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Any one experience heart arrhythmias with pregnancy? This is my third pg, and I've have a few episodes of irregular heartbeat. I've read that it happens sometimes during pg, and that it's usually nothing to worry about or treat, but it's freaking me out a bit. I've also had a racing pulse most nights when I lay down to go to sleep. It usually starts after I've been laying there for a few minutes, which is strange because it's not like I'm exerting myself and a racing pulse result. (Same with the arrhythmias . . . happens when I'm relaxed and just resting.)

This didn't happen with either of my other pgs, so I'm slightly concerned, but also knowing that the heart is working so much harder with increased blood volume, it also makes sense that perhaps these things could happen and be "normal."
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With my first I had one episode where I woke up in the middle of the night and my heart was absolutely racing and I couldn't get it to stop. I'm not talking 120 or 130bpm, but way faster and harder. I called the doctor on call and she told me that it happens sometimes because of the increased blood volume but it corrects itself (which it had by the time she called me back.) It was still scary, and her level of calm felt dismissive. Of course it was 2:00am and I'm sure she deals with it all the time, but I didn't.

When my second child was a year old I developed ppd that went undiagnosed by my doctor for months and got so bad that I began having panic attacks, including that horrid pounding/racing heart. That is an awful feeling. Normal heartrate is considered to be anything under 100bpm not pregnant, but when you're pregnant your heartrate increases anyway. I normally have a non-pregnant heartrate in the low 60s, and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and my heartrate is always at least in the 90 range and higher. Just walking up stairs will push me well over 100bpm.

I would mention it to your hcp, but not worry too much about it. If you have any other symptoms like chest pain, excessive (not just pregnancy) shortness of breath or any of the other cardiac type symptoms, contact your doctor right away, but chances of it being anything other than a minor pregnancy nuicance is slim.

Edited to add after I reread your post, I notice the racing heartrate after I lay down at night too. By arrhythmia, do you mean your heart feels like it skips a beat? I have premature ventricular contractions (PVC's) where I feel like my heart is skipping a beat, but in reality it is beating prematurely and the pause is the rythm getting back on track. It can run in families ( my mother has them sometimes also.) I have noticed them more often during this pregnancy than I do when I'm not pregnant, and strangely, I notice them when we eat at two particular restaraunts. Strange isn't it. I drink caffine in moderation and I think that it's their soda that does it. I don't know if there is more syrup in there soda or what, but I can count on feeling PVC's when I'm there.
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I had racing heartbeat episodes with my first pregnancy, nothing so far with my second. But, I did talk to my dr the first time, and he did tell me it was considered normal during pregnancy because of the extra blood volume. (just like you mentioned.)

I'v also had arrythmias with the first pregnancy too. Dr told me the same thing about blood volume, heart adapting to the extra volume, etc.

However, my dad had primary ventricular tachycardia - when his heart rate pulses beyond ~200 bpm. So, perhaps it's genetic too.
I have where it feels like my heart is skipping and slowly restarting. It started with my second pregnancy and has gotten worse each time. After my third child was born it did not go away for about a year plus I had some leg swelling that took that long to resolve as well. I got checked out and everything is aparently normal. It is unnerving. It also happens most and worst when I lay down so I prop myself up a bit when it is bad.

I have and am taking hawthorn berry tinc 15 drops morning and night. It seems to keep the worst episodes at bay.
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