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Heart skipping a beat

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Well i have been having issues with heart palps went to Dr had quick ekg showed nothing. But i kept havign them so i went back he is requesting a holter moniter fine. So last night i am laying there wiht the baby and it does it several times in a row. So i got my stetescope and listened and HOLOY cow I heard it it sounds as if it stops or skips and starts up again I am terrified I called my Dr last night but I am really freaked do any of you have this andwhat do you do for it Please help its really scarey.

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The more anxious you are about it, the more you will exacerbate it. I have had PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) my entire life. They always get worse when I'm really stressed. The haltar monitor is a good thing...maybe have an echocardiogram and do a stress test too...if you are drinking coffee or other stimulants it could make this worse too.

PVC's are the worst of hte 2 right? The sensation is so weird i hate it. And last night when i heard it actualy skip a beat or stop for a min i really freaked. I am hoping the underlying cause isnt anything serious. Thanks for your reply i am really nervous

Have you had your thyroid checked? When I was hyperthyroid, I had bad heart palpatations, and it's a very common symptom of hyperthyroidism.

To get your thyroid checked, you have to have blood drawn and at least a TSH, T3, and T4 test done which measures the different thyroid hormones in your blood.
Do you have any other related symptoms? When I had heart palpitations from being very hypoglycemic last fall, my heart would skip a beat quite often. And yes, the more you're nervous about it, the more it'll skip.
I dont think i hae any other symptoms. I have alot of gas and sometimes i feel like something is stuck in my chest or throat but i dont know how related that is. I know i have something gastric going on as well cause of all the burping. I am terrified.

I used to get it a lot. It would occur during time of high stress. I had all of the tests and they are all normal. I agree with the other recommendations of getting your thyroid checked, blood sugar, etc but I am betting it is nothing! Sometimes my heart would feel like it was flip flopping. Try not to be so worried which I know is difficult!

I've had PVC's since I was 26. The first time I noticed it was during labor. At times they were so severe that I just hoped my heart would hold out till my kids were at least old enough to go to school.
I had every test you can think of and have gone to two heart specialists. Bottom line, there is little anyone can do. One heart specialist shook my hand and told me to have a 'nice life'

Anyway, I am now 58 and still have them but I no longer worry. They do not scare me any longer. I go with the flow....

My mother has had it all her life, too. She's 82 now and doing just great. She still has it, but pays no attention to it whatsoever.

But I did read one time, if you think your heart is stopping, which mine felt like lots of times, - cough. Cough as hard as you can. I haven't done it in a long time, because I'd be coughing all the time, but it's something that sort of gave me some reassurance that I could jumpstart my own heart if need be.

I must also say that I always had it more when I felt a cold coming on or each month during my menstrual cycle.

You will learn to live with it. Don't freak out about it, it makes it much easier.

If you are heavy, lose some weight. Don't drink caffeine, don't smoke, cut out sweets, don't get stressed out over anything. Take life a little easier. Become a 'gentle' person. All that helps to reduce the palpitations and irregularity.

The heart is a very strong muscle and if one part gets a little behind, the rest will jolt it back into rythm. That's what you feel. RELAX!
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WOW I cant believe he told you to have a nice life. Well I am always wound up very stressed it is just my way of life. Everything bothers me and i have a real hard time controling it. My dh lost his job in April where he is working now but its not the same we have NO insurance so i am very upset about it. But its just every day life that gets me wound up.

I wonder if i am having the same thing you mention. I am to have a holter moniter on Mnday if i make it that far. lol

I do the same thing i pray i make it till the kids are old enough to be with out mom. Or pray i dont go down while i am here with them myself. I h ave went over 911 with them etc but it is terrifing feeling that is for sure. I am almost afraid to know what it is.

I have PVCs with ventricular tachycardia and when I went in to the electrophysiocardiologist (good lord, could he really have been called that?!) he ran a thousand tests and pronounced that I had this and unless I wanted to be medicated for the symptoms, there's nothing to be done.

I've had two children since then--no problems at all--and have his medical blessing to have as many as I want. I'm FINE. There's not a reason to worry if the symptoms are only lasting a couple of seconds. When they reach the point that they start lasting a 30 seconds to a minute, and/or you pass out from them, then you should start worrying.

But, I know how scary they are. My worst episode I wound up in the hospital HUGE pregnant with a BP of like 150/90. My norm is 100/60. I was totally freaked out. It was all anxiety. Not my heart freaking out, me freaking out.

Try to find some peace, some how about all of this.
s to you. I know how scary this can be.
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Allergies to food, mold, chemicals and such can cause your heart to skip. Try keeping a food diary and diary of the weather conditions and anything else you might think you are allergic to.

Originally Posted by onlyboys
There's not a reason to worry if the symptoms are only lasting a couple of seconds. When they reach the point that they start lasting a 30 seconds to a minute, and/or you pass out from them, then you should start worrying.

But, I know how scary they are. It was all anxiety. Not my heart freaking out, me freaking out.
Try to find some peace, some how about all of this.
s to you. I know how scary this can be.
Great point! Although I've had some up to one minute and the only reason I felt like I was passing out was because I was so afraid. No other reason. Because since I've conquered that fear I NEVER feel like I will pass out. And at times I hardly notice them.

When the doc said to me "have a nice life" I speculated that he thought I could die any moment.
That was awful!

At first his words were very frightening. But soon I got furious that he had the audacity to say that. And then well... somehow it gave me strength. I thought I'll prove that b... wrong!

I have lived with it for 30 yrs. now and have no plans on keeling over anytime soon. And believe it or not, I can feel my heart jumping right this moment. It's a part of me. It is my heart and this is how it works. And it will continue to jump and I will continue to live.

Relax and find peace.You'll relize in time that it is not as worrisome as you think of it right now. Just try to have a calm life.

Nothing is worse than not being there for your kids. So be as gentle as you can and treat them in a harmonious manner. It will make life calm for you because they will be calm and kind in return.

Again, don't fret about it so much. You will learn to live with it. The worst thing is to start medication which really changes nothing.

Peace to you and your family,
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I am praying that my disturbances isnt anything more then what you ladies speak of here. Today has been a better day with less then yesterday but i have an over all feeling of fullness in my chest today. I have bben burping alot again today. I am suppose to go for my upper GI tomorrow to see if it shows any reason for the burping. But my heart irreguality being my main concern.

I appreciate all of you kind and reassuring words. Ia m trying to stay calm today and relax. I cut some grass which i love to do but then i thought maybe i shouldnt be doing all this work. I go Monday at 5 to get my moniter on so i guess i have to wait until then to find anything out ugghh.

I have had heart palps in the past and found that when I cut out coffee and GARLIC, and drink lots of water, they go away. The garlic is a big one that a lot of people don't think about. If I have even a teeny bit (like at a restaurant or in a packaged food), I get palpitations. Its worth trying to cut out potentially offending foods before doing anything drastic. Good luck!
1)Keep at it until you find out what's going on and if it's an issue that needs treatment or not. Don't let any doc pat you on the head and say "there there, you'll be fine."--unless definative tests support that there's nothing going on. Took my MIL 8 years to find a doc who'd listen and then actually did something about her thyroid.

2)Long slow Deep breaths to oxygenate your system really well, but without hyperventilating. Sometimes PVC's are a response to slightly lowered O2 levels. When I was having bunches of them when pregnant with DS, I did that and the ob told me that was the right way to handle them.

3)My best friend's old ob (before she moved here) told her that some women just have electrical idiocyncracies and thus palpitations which are harmless. This doesn't mean you should not be checked out though, for your own peace of mind. That peace of mind is valuable too.
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yes ia m gonna have them checked out for sure it is to scary to not have them diagnosed. I am for sure more heart alert now as far as what i eat etc. I started taking omega 3 and C O enzyme 3 and hawthorne tea. Thanks for all the stories it helps to know there is a chance this is stress related and it is nothing serious atleast thats what i am hoping for.

thanks a bunch
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