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heartbeat at 10 wks?

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I have my first MW appt a day shy of my 10 wk mark next week. I know I'm probably being impatient but I'm really hoping we can hear a heartbeat. I've done a few searches and keep getting conflicting info as to the exact wk you can get the heartbeat on a doppler.

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I was 10 weeks and 5 days and it took my mw about 3 sec to find the heartbeat. But she had warned me, that it might be difficult at this stage. I have read that 12 weeks along is a relatively safe bet, but you kind find it earlier on as well.
I think it depends on a lot of things. With my dd, I was 14 weeks before we were able to pick up the heartbeat via doppler. With ds, we heard it at 10 weeks. So maybe, maybe now. Although, just ancedotally, 10 weeks does seem a bit early for hearing the hb for most people I know.
I think a lot of it depends on body size and uterine positioning, etc. I had my MW appt today and I'm ~10wk3d and she didn't even bother with the doppler though I was hoping to hear the heartbeat.
I went in at 11w 0d yesterday and we were able to hear it, but it took a long time to find it. I was panicking the whole time. He said if we couldn't find it, we could do another ultrasound for peace of mind. I was so relieved when we finally heard it.
I had my 1st mw appt. this past Sat, at exactly 10 weeks. It took awhile to find it, but we did hear the heartbeat!
She said that this was just about the earliest we would have been able to hear it via doppler, so she warned me not to get alarmed if we didn't find it. Good luck!
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not in your DDC but

we heard the heartbeat at 9 weeks this time...
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My midwife told me that even 10 weeks can be early; she tried today at 8 weeks 6 days and didn't find it.
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i have a doppler (home rental) and i tried at 9w exactly and after only a minute of looking i found it. i knew it was early to try but things have been so crazy and stressful i needed to at least try. so now, i am listening every night. just for a few seconds but things are so nutty that it really eases my anxiety and for those few seconds i feel nothing but happy excitement.

ftr, i am tiny and i think that that may help and also this is number three so maybe i know exactly where/what to listen for?
From Sept DDC. . .went for my first MW appt at about 9.5 weeks and was totally crushed to not find the heartbeat. Really, it was awful for me, b/c we had had no u/s and I was panicked that something had happened and I had lost the baby early on, but didn't know it yet.

So for me, I wish we hadn't even tried to hear it that early b/c it caused me a lot of stress and grief for a few weeks. But at 12 weeks we went for a u/s and saw a perfect little baby swimming around and at 13 weeks heard the heartbeat on the doppler as soon as the MW stuck it on my belly.

I know some people do hear it that early, but I think its not really a sure thing till closer to 12 weeks. Just keep that in mind. They can still hide pretty well when they are that tiny!
I found this baby at 8w5d and both of my other babies were pretty early on too. By 10 weeks there was no searching, I was just able to put the doppler on my belly and there it was
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