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Heartbeat Question

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I will be 5 weeks, 4 days on my first app't. My OB does a vaginal ultrasound at this time. Does anyone know if there is any chance we'll be able to see the heart beating?
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I went at 5w5d and we didn't see anything but the gestatinal sac. I have heard that you could, but it isn't likely. Our 6w6d appt (Friday) was great - we saw it beating!
If your dates are wrong, yes. If they are accurate, probably not.
As Laura said. I think the heart is forming at 5 weeks, but you need to be 6 weeks to see it.
Thanks guys.

I just don't want to get my hopes up and then worry if we don't see it. So I will go in hoping to see a healthy sac only. And if we DO see the heartbeat, I will be thrilled. If not, I will just have to wait.
Yeah....I would say you may not. You can see more with a vaginal than the abdominal. Many times with an abdominal you can't even say the sac that early. Everything is SOOOOO small. I remember my 1st US with my first. She had to REALLY point out that tiny black dot in the corner with little blip....said oh can't you see the heart beat. I was 6wk 3d. It was so discouraged that I didn't really see it. LOL.

Now we don't do US unless there is a problem so I haven't had one that early again. This is #4 for us so we know alot of what to expect
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I had a regular belly ultrasound at my appt last week. I was 6 1/2 weeks and we could see the heartbeat pretty easily..I saw it before he pointed it out and he even blew up the picture so my bean became a peanut

So, I wouldn't expect a heartbeat until after 6 weeks and even then timing can be off..I've heard stories about doctors who actually scheduled women for D&C's (remove the pregnancy..basically an abortion) because they didn't find a heartbeat, only to find a heartbeat right before the surgery, when the mother insists on another ultrasound...some babies grow at a different rate and dates aren't always right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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