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Heartburn and Aloe (a ?)

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I've been battling horrid heartburn (as most of us have I'm sure). One of the women at work suggested aloe juice to help out. I'm really reluctant to use Tums or Rolaids because it can inhibit iron absorbtion. I'm wondering if anyone has resources about aloe juice in pregnancy and it's safety? I don't know of any naturopaths locally or I'd check in there first.
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aloe juice sounds worth checking out.

i use papaya tablets, almonds, and/or a glass of milk (or a bowl of icecream) for mine. milk seems to work best for minor bouts. i do have a bottle of tums for the cases of heartburn that will result in vomiting (mw doesn't recommend tums because of the aluminum in them), she'd rather i drink baking soda for the severe cases (and i do that too).
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I don't have any advice for the aloe, but I thought I would share what works for me. I take a small shot of apple cider vinegar in 6 oz of lukewarm water. Down it and follow it immediately with a mug of warm water. It really eases the burning burps! If you can't take the taste of the ACV, I sometimes mix mine with a small shot of maple syrup and sip it if I'm not in a chugging mood.
i also don't know anything about aloe & heartburn, but find that eating a stick (or even half) of celery helps a lot!
NO NO NO! Aloe is not a great idea in pregnancy. It is a strong laxative and could send you into premature labor. It's not much different than taking castor oil. It irritates the digestive tract and inhibits absorption of any liquids. It is generally contraindicated across the board.
Aloe is not safe during pregnancy!
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Thanks ladies...I've been reluctant because I've seen that it can act as a laxative (and I'm at risk for PTL so a definite NO NO). I'll try some of the other suggestions instead! I knew I asked here for a reason!!
yep - nix on the aloe. papaya enzyme tablets have been a lifesaver for me, and taste just like candy!
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mmmm candy....


mmmmmmmm.....anything these days LOL
I have been doing papaya tabs, acv and yogurt which all help.
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