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Heat rash help.....I don't want to buy disposies!

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My poor little guys but is red and blistery with a heat rash. I've been trying for about a week and a half to get this to go away with no luck. The poor little guy is in so much pain (I feel for him and let him go nakie most of the time). I've tried every cure I can think of and none of them are helping. I have him in disposies (my mom bought them
saying that cloth was bad for him) so that I don't ruin any of his dipes with the butt creams. Any suggestions from you more experience ladies. TIA!
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i don't mean to doubt you, but are you sure it's heat rash? If it hasn't cleared up after a week and a half, maybe it's a yeast rash (which can be exacerbated by the heat) which would need special care, or some sort of reaction.

Also, from experience I recommend taking nasty, won't-go-away rashes to the doctor because there is potential for infections.

hope you can figure it out
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I have to agree with PP, it sounds like a yeast rash to me. sposies won't help.

a doc may prescribe you cream to put on it which will clear it up ASAP if it's yeast

going coverless is going to be the best no matter what the rash is from

sposies are NOT the answer! (even if your mom says it is)
Unless you are totally not changing him and he's just sitting in a wet dipe (which I don't think is the situation)

Kacie had one and I used an antifungal/steroid cream from the doc. it was gone in a matter of hours.
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Check out this thread....lots of great tips!
Poor baby, hope he will feel better soon.

If it is a regular heat rash (not yeast) I recommend wool doublers against baby's skin. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, very breathable, will wick away urine and regulates body temperature. Wool really helps against heat rash.
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I doubt it is from cloth itself. My children have never had a rash that was unexplained (DS2 has food allergies which caused terrible burn like rashes).

Rinse and rinse again those cloth diapers, go coverless or wool or fleece -- something breathable, at the first wettness, change him, if general diaper rash creams have not cleared it up by now, I would definitely second (third or forth) going to the doctor. It could be yeast, it could be an allergic reaction, it might have become infected.

My DS2 would just scream from his burning butt rashes, it looked like a second degree burn. And the diaper creams would make him scream more, but usually the rash was gone in 24 hours from the application of the cream.

I am so sorry your little one is so uncomfortable, it's really hard when they are not their happy go lucky selves.
oh yeah, if it is a yeast rash - the anti-yeast cream (we used Nystatin) cleared it up immediately. but they're very tenacious so you have to continue to use the cream for several weeks. it's also very inexpensive.
Poor baby, and poor mom! It is so hard to deal with a rash not to mention a mom that is not being supportive of your choice of diapers.
A soft wool liner or wool cashmere liner is definitly a great idea, with wool, cover, soaker or pants to allow for breathing.
Or best of all if weather permits, no diaper and no pants, good old bare bum .
I used to air my dd's in the buggy by placeing a change pad in the stroller and just laying a diaper under their bum.
Just an update.....the dr said the rash was from his teething. I had him in disposies all weekend so that I could put rash medicane on it and it is all clear now. So back to cloth we go (at least when I'm not at work).
Motherlove Nipple Cream. The best cream for any kind of rash and is totally safe to use with cloth
for next time...
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