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heat rash - xposted in LIfe with a Babe...little response though. :(

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my babe (7 months) seems to have heat rash. im on probiotics to help with any underlying skin problem. i am putting Calendula on him each night along with some talc free baby powder to reduce the moisture but i am finding he's scratching at night, which is really my only concern.
i just dont want to give him anything stronger but wondering if i can get any advice here.

update: its just not getting better. i went to find zinc oxide today but cant find a pure form (no Whole Foods store here) and what i found instead was zinc ointment but then i looked at it and it said "antibiotic" on it. i DONT want that. the pharmacist was a complete moron and said "well, we dont have anything without all the crap in it" when i asked if he had something without all the extra crap in it! lol!
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Are you sure its a heat rash? If its taking a while to heal it could be an allergic reaction or yeast. I hope someone comes by to help soon.
My oldest is prone to heat rash. It CAN take a long time to heal, especially when the weather is hot and sticky like it has been. It just keeps getting irritated. What works for him is keeping it clean and dry. Using corn starch powder and making sure that he wears only 100% cotton shirts (he usually gets it on his back). Anything with polyester in it makes it worse.
all his clothes are 100% cotton..probably 1/2 of them organic cotton.
i do think its heat rash. im on probiotics and have been putting celendula and baby powder (no talc) on him after showers. im using goat's milk soap for him (for babies).

im not sure it ISNT something else, but i think its heatrash..its mainly under his neck...he's 7 months old and about 20 lbs. so he's got some flab there as he's not the skinniest baby!

i have thought it may be an allergy to food but im not sure about that. we have experimented with some foods for several weeks, green peas the last week or so, and he's had sweet pot's for several weeks ago (the chips made by me). i really dont think its a food allergy b/c i think i woudl have seen it earlier if it were.

its getting to be a real drag though.

i bought some Aveeno stuff that says its anti-itch yesterday and put it on him. it said something about oatmeal...cant remember the name. it stinks! but i do think he scratched less last night. i just dont like the stuff b/c i know it has a bunch of crap in it.
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My DS and I are both prone to heat rash. We both pretty much have it all summer. Good thing we live in WI, where summer is short.
As far as I know there isn't anything you can do to prevent heat rash, or make it go away. It is an inflammatory response to heat, so the only way to prevent it is to avoid heat.

To help alleviate the itching with something natural, maybe you can try fresh aloe, olive oil, cocoa butter, or pure vitamin E oil. I've never tried anything, but that is just what comes to mind.
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Weleda Calendula baby powder works well at healing heat rash quickly but I don't think it makes it less itchy.

Hope he's feeling better soon!
Are you nursing? What about putting some Breastmilk on him?
I would try to cut back on or completely avoid everything you are using right now. Wash him in water only. Apply Breastmilk. Make sure he sleeps on something that can absorb moisture and dry fast (nothing synthetic though).

I've noticed that the more I try to put different things on my boys, the worse it gets. Breastmilk and water always help though.

I really hope that helps.

Originally Posted by 2JungsMama
Make sure he sleeps on something that can absorb moisture and dry fast (nothing synthetic though).
thanks. i thought of the BM. what do you suggest for sleeping though?

it was getting better but today its worse (after 2 days of baseball games in teh hot Ma. sun)>
DS1 likes a cotton towel to sleep on.
DS2 does really well on a knitted wool blanket.

I hope he gets better soon.
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