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Heavy Bleeding?

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I am 4 weeks & 2 days PP. I bled heavily for the first several days after birth, and by about 2.5 weeks PP, I was just barely spotting. Then the bleeding started again, but it was only slightly heavy. Then I went to spotting again, and after about 3.5 weeks PP I had no spotting or anything for about a day or two.

All of the sudden, I got back the heavy bleeding again, and it is VERY heavy (though not as bad as right after birth). I even had some clotting again, though it's been dime-sized, so nothing extreme. Yesterday I bled through about 7-8 Super absorbency pads. Most of the blood has been bright red, with occasional tiny clots. It makes a huge mess every time I wipe, and has been getting everywhere!

Is this enough to be concerned? Should I contact my Midwife? Keep in mind she is very difficult to get a hold of as she works at a busy clinic for a hospital, and I have my 6-week checkup next Tuesday, so I don't want to call her unless it could be an emergency.
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I would call, but I'm a little paranoid.

I would also just lie down with your baby and take it really really easy for the next few days!
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Did you do anything particularly strenuous? I know that my bleeding resumed last time when I tried to resume activity too early after the birth. My MW told me to go back to sitting on the couch for a few days.
I haven't done anything that I didn't do while pregnant. I did some cleaning, walking around stores periodically, etc. For the most part I have still been bound to the couch BFing my baby 24/7.
The heavy bleeding continues today.
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