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Heavy night time wetter -- Help, please!

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Okay, I'm now on the hunt for a good night time solution for my HW DS!!! I made him special night time diapers with heavyweight windpro on the outside & lightweight windpro on the inside-- the soaker is a 3 layer tri-fold of 2 layers hemp terry & 1 layer stretch microterry for softness... I added a doubler that's flannel, hemp & microfiber towel... it soaks through-- probably compression wicking.

So... I made hemp fitteds with the same soaker & doubler & tried a wool cover. It also wicked through.

I'm open for any suggestions. I would really prefer to make my own.

I have windpro, microfleece, PLU, & more wool (I was thinking peace fleece might work better as a soaker than the 100purewool I initially tried) for barriers & hemp french terry, flannel, microterry, microfiber towels & 80/20 velour for soaker material options.

If yo have a heavy wetter, please help me. What is working for you?

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I have average/lil bit heavy wetters, but here is what I would try. Skip flannel & any suedecloth/microfleece as they just take up space. I would trifold a 3 layer hemp fleece doubler -- make sure it's as big as possible -- 4-5 inches wide when folded & from front all the way to back. Same with the microfiber towels. I'd skip the velour as well for nighttime. I have occasionally used a polyester outer on a dipe to encourage the wet to travel all through the dipe instead of straight through, iykwim. You could try using 2 covers as well. I have had a lot of luck with pajama/diaper cover pants. 2 full layers of fleece made with a BIG bubble butt. Remember, the tighter the cover, the more quickly it will wick through. You could also get some wool, felt it as completely as possible then make a 2 layer cover with it. There are wool doublers out there too (knit or crocheted) -- I cannot remember who makes them, but they go between layers of dipe, or between dipe & cover.

Hope that gives you some ideas -- oh, one more. How does he sleep? On his side? belly? Take that into account too.

PS, I wasn't in love the lightweight windpro I got -- or the heavier stuff either, now that I think about it. I actually prefer the fuzzier joann's (200wt?) stuff. 2 layers work well...I wonder if the more loose pile helps it not compress as much? Hmmmm....
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Our DS is a heavy night wetter( he is 3 years old) .. His night diaper is a popolini two size( xl) with a folded flat inside. And a popolini woolcover. It`s a big diaper, but he only use it when he sleeps. We have no leaks.
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