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Heeeelllllp! What does this mean?

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My DD has her ups and downs. I think she "got" a milk sensitivity a month ago that I only recently picked up on. I cut out dairy on Tuesday.

But recently she is just peeing ALL OVER THE PLACE. Okay, so it might be a phase. But I don't want to train her to pee on me, which is what is happening now.

Plus, and this is the worst part- she's stopped working for the poops. They just come out all over. Some are nice and yellow, but some are still green. :-( We do block feeding already so that can't be it.

Should I just put her back in pre-folds? I took her out recently with the hope that we'd go diaper-free in the house at 6 months and that we'd be nearly diaper-free out of the house at 8 - 12 (depending on where we are going and what she's wearing). But these rogue poops are really throwing me for a loop. They're not too liquid, but could this be diarrhea?
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If it were me, I'd put her back in prefolds for a while, until things get a bit more under control. Sounds like she may be having some digestive issues? As for the peeing all over,
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Yeah... definitely has some issues. But what??? No wheat? I need to keep my weight up and I'm already having trouble after having eliminated processed sugar and cheese.
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I would suggest prefold temperarily, but it wont last forever. I was told by the Naturopath regarding my DD that it will take a good 2 weeks for things to clear both your systems from the allergen. Don't cut wheat just yet, wait a while for the dairy to clear fully, otherwise you won't know which one is the culprit. If it's not significantly better then cut wheat. That's my suggestion.
Good luck!
Two weeks, okay, that's clear... I thought it was three days. Great, thanks!
Hi Izobelle,

I was trying to find a URL for you on ECing and the detection of food sensitivities, but was unsuccessful. Mind you, I read it 4 years ago when I was ECing my first child, so who knows where it's ended up in cyberspace...

Like the pp said, if you are BFing, it can take up to 3 weeks for cow's milk protein to clear out of your system. That's the usual suspect if baby doesn't like dairy. See

Hope your baby feels better soon!
fwiw, it took me 10 days of block feeding for my oversupply to normalize so that ds wouldnt have any more green stools.

i agree, though, that she likely has a food allergy or undiagnosed thrush. Do you have pink nipples? sometimes thrush does not present with white patches in baby's mouth...

sorry for no caps - typing w/1 hand (nursing)...
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ds is gluten and dairy sensitive (plus onions, beans, spicey foods...)

he gets diarhea with the gluten and dairy, which in my book is precisely what you've observed-- green runny poo that he can't seem to control.

put her back in prefolds for a while-- it won't be a "regression" for her unless you treat it that way (still try to catch what you can, ykwim?) i agree with the pp as to waiting out at least 2 weeks post dairy dropping to see how things go. in the mean time, if you are anxious and want to do *something*, start a food journal and record her poops, moods, and anything else strange behavior wise, rash wise, etc.

oh, and for what it's worth, the frequent pees (every 15 minutes most of the day, teeny ones) for ds went away after i cut gluten.
thank god. totally worth it. he has so much more control now. unfortunately right now, he is using that control to strike instead.

my mom raised me without much refined sugar, and when i would have a bunch (halloween, a birthday party, etc.) i would pee like crazy. i'm no doctor, and mom isn't either, but we believed that it was my body just purging itself of something it thought poisonous or bad. i think that's what ds's system was doing with gluten.
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Kokopelli- We're going on 5 months block feeding. :) Pink nipples? No, they're brown. You mean the tips?

Gluten... ack. Bread is the staple here and it's really hard to survive without it. I wish I could but everyone will think I'm not eating their bread on purpose, that I don't like it or think it's dirty. :-(
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