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Hello again from Tennessee

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Well I have returned to mdc after a long break. I am a mom of 3 wonderful children. We live in the south middle of Tennessee in Franklin County.

I use to post here and there before on the babywearing and also in the April 2006 Due Date Club
I have 2 boys and a girl my 2nd boy the youngest baby at 11 mos come about 30 mins from my post! A daughter who is 2 and a son who is 7.

I really love the community here, it is so large and I have learned so much.

We were recently bf but my baby just weaned himself, it was quite sad for me and I still think I am mourning , he was about 10 mos old at the time.

I have also decided to finally ditch sposies and Cd , that is where I been spending alot of my time between that forum and baby wearing. I don't have alot of time to reply so my post count is low. As i type this now my sweet little elliot is asleep on my chest hehe.

So i just wanted to say hi and that I am glad to be back here at MDC. I can't wait to make the switch into CD, I have been building my stash since I've made the decision.
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I am also from tn over toward knoxville. If you dont mind me saying so I would head over to the breastfeeding forum and look into nursing strikes since your little one is still so young. Always great to see another tn come in here.
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welcome from another Tennessean, but I'm a transplant, hence the username

I too would go over to BF and check out nursing strikes! It happens and sometimes you can fix it!
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i am not native to here , I like to refer to myself as a dissplaced yankee. From Chicago area originally. I think my bf is all lost it's been about a month and i always had supply issues this time. I nursed my dd 5 mos into his pregnancy, At least he loves to cuddle me when we sleep
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to MDC - I have an aunt and uncle who live in Tennessee, although it's been awhile since we've visited (I live in Scotland now).

How long has your ds not been nursing? If it's only been a short while, definitely check out the Breastfeeding forums for lots of good information on how to resolve a breastfeeding strike!

Glad you are here!
: Welcome and I am looking forward to meeting you...
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