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Hi! My name is Agustina, I am originally from Argentina, my husband is originally from Virginia, we are a bit like nomads, we lived the past two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina almost 10 months ago and now we are in Myrtle Beach, SC not sure for how long, at least September.

With Jero's birth I attempted homebirth, i was fully dilated and in active labour for 28 hours (total birthing time was 3 days) but he never descended and I never had a pushing sensation, so a c section was made, the midwife thought 28 hours waiting for the baby to descend was too much. Jero was 9.3 pounds 21 inches, the c section was very respectful and we rejected all routine procedures. He was born with a big bruise in his forehead and nobody knows why he didn't descend. He is a happy healthy breastfed baby

Now I am 7 weeks pregnant and we will see how it goes this time!

I have been a lurker for quite some time, but only now I decided to make an account. Happy to read you all
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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