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Hello everyone!

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So happy to have found this forum!

I am 33 years old, and pregnant with my first child (31 weeks). I had been on another pregnancy board and it was driving me nuts! So much misinformation and lack of respect for natural ways of doing things. I just found Mothering magazine and it was so affirming to see my values reflected. I then found the web-site which led me here and I have been reading and enjoying the posts very much. I finally took the plunge to register. Everyone here seems very informed and supportive.

I just wanted to drop in and say Hi!

I am a vegetarian, mostly vegan (I have given in to a few cheese cravings!). I plan on having a natural birth at an alternative birthing center connected to a hospital. I am hoping everything goes smoothly and I wish to avoid medical interventions if at all possible. So far my pregnancy has been terrific, but i can't believe I have less than 2 months until I am a mommy! So much to do and get ready beforehand, I feel a little overwhelmed.

I am due on August 8th and I'm wishing to give birth on that date since 8 is my favorite number. I'm having a boy and we have just decided to name him Adrian. His middle name will be my last name since I kept my maiden name and I wanted to keep it going.

I am looking forward to posting here!
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Welcome to MDC! Congratulations on your baby boy and good luck getting everything ready! The first time you become a parent is the most amazing thing in the world! The only thing that rivals it is the second time, or third time......
Welcome- I hope you like it here! Mothering magazine has inspired me to be the mama I am today. *snif* seriously, I am a better parent and person for this magazine!

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

I like the name Adrian too!

Hope you enjoy it here!
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