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Hello, fellow sewers!

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I've been here a while and just noticed this sewing forum

I love to sew
I always have my current project in my siggy.

I learned hand-sewing at 4 yr old and from the machine in 6th grade. Took HomeEc in 9th grade just to learn sewing better. I'm still more a straight-lines-only type sewer but have made tons of stuff. My biggest project was curtains for the whole house. Just made a Mai Tai... first time I've ever made something that had to be sewn, turned inside out, reinforced, etc.. but it was a lot of fun. Oh and I made up the whole pattern in my head! DS loves it

I have a very simple machine (Brothers). Bought it for $99 with wedding money. My friend worked in the fabric department at Walmart and said it was the best machine for the money. I totally agree. Unfortunately, when using it overseas, I have to run it through a transformer because of the voltage difference.... I get a nice little electric shock once in a while from the machine

What projects are you all working on? I'm making cloth diaper wipes. Using all of the leftover baby washclothes, cutting them in half, and hemming. A no-brainer, but hey, I love to hear the machine hum.
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I feel the same way about sewing.
I am sorry you have to get a shock sometimes when you sew! That's dedication to the craft.

I am currently working on my dd's summer wardrobe, she doesn't technically need any clothes but I am having so much fun trying new things and learning new techniques. Not to mention dd loves mama made clothes the best!
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