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Hi everyone, I've visited these boards a few times over the years for research purposes but never participated. So I felt it was time I did because I can't really find a supportive forum for non-mainstream mothers. Hopefully I will feel more at home here than other places I have tried. :)
I'm a SAHM to my daughter Brenna who is 4. I am also a Stampin' Up demonstrator, Avon rep and do greeting card merchandising a few hours every other week in the evenings.
Our family has made some crunchy lifestyle choices but I'm not very granola to all appearances I am sure. LOL I don't feel "radical" at all. We parent how we feel most comfortable. *shrug* We're a homebirthing, child led weaning, cosleeping, non-vaxing, vegetarian and soon-to-be homeschooing family. Currently she attends a preschool program but we'll start homeschooling next fall with kindergarten.
I look forward to participating in the forums!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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