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Hello from NC!

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I'm sorry if this message crosses the subject matter of many forums but it seemed more approrpriate to give an introduction of myself here and then ask questions in specific forums.

First of all, Hello! I recently found out I am pregnant for my first time! (4.5 weeks today) After over two years of trying, irregular cycles and a couple of visits to fertility doctors where all kinds of invasive diagnostic tests were recommended, I took a step back, evaluated my life and health and made some simple dietary, lifestyle and nutritional changes. My cycles regulated and after only four months of charting we succeeded.

I'm excited about being being pregnant and currently most worried about choosing a care provider that meshes with my developing attitudes and values about pregnancy and the birthing process. In all my life, I have never found an OB/Gyn that I felt completely comfortable with. The last one I saw (4 days past conception) recommended a Pap Smear and vaginal exam, which I agreed to because it had been 18 months since my last exam (even though I didn't really want one at that time.) However, when I found out I was pregnant, I was urged to immediately come into the office for Beta HCG blood tests and to schedule an early fetal ultrasound. I was told that the doctor did not consider any pregnancy viable until a gestational sac was seen and a heartbeat heard. Since most pregnancies are healthy, this seemed rather backward to me and I immediately realized this was likely the beginning of a cascade of suggestions and interventions that I did not want for my prenatal care or birth.

My next choice was a nearby birthing center. I have a tour scheduled and I plan to give that some serious thought, however, I am also now beginning to consider home birth. I feel like I've come a long way mentally in a very short time. Right now I am dealing with the acclimation to my own changing ideas and am looking for support, shared experiences, opinions and ideas. I look forward to getting to know you all during this exciting time.
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Serenitii, Welcome to MDC!

I know you will find massive amounts of info here and tons of support.
Congratulations on your pgcy!

It's good that you can already take a proactive approach in your pgcy, so many women follow their drs until it's too late to change. Seems to me that you will fit right in!
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Welcome to MDC! I'm in Raleigh. I used a traditional OB when I had my daughter. Unfortunately, I did not know I had any alternatives. I'm so glad that you've been able to find something better suited to your needs!

We have a great group over in "Finding Your Tribe" for the triangle area. I know you aren't technically in the triangle, but the ladies there still might have some good advice and suggestions for you.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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w e l c o m e !

And a big congrats on your pregnancy!
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