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hello from Seattle

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Just joining in now. I have three kids so far and maybe another on the way. We're waiting to see if it's a sticker.

We're fairly new to Seattle and don't really have a support network yet.
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Hi! I'm just across the sound from you! Welcome!
Hi! I'm up in Mill Creek. Welcome to MDC!
Welcome! (to MDC & Seattle)
I'm over on the westside of town. Where did you move from?
Hi, and Welcome!

It wasn't too long ago that I was new to Seattle too. I'm near UW. I hope you join the Seattle tribal thread: and find MDC a stimulating way to connect with other likeminded parents.
Hi from another Seattleite! Do come join us in the Seattle thread. You can also PM me if you want some other ideas for building a support network here from scratch (I just did it last summer).
Welcome to Seattle... I am on the eastside...move here a couple of years ago...If you have any questions just ask....
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Well, I won't be of help for building up a network in Seattle, I think...
So welcome from the other side of the globe!
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Welcome to MDC!
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