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I joined here a while ago then got busy with life and my youngest DS was a VERY high needs infant. I can't remember if I introduced myself so I thought I would do it again.

I have two boy's Our oldest
: will be 5 in October and is starting Kinder at our local Waldorf Charter school this fall. Our youngest just turned a year
: and we have far out reached my goal of making it one month BFing

My DH is a Master at Arms in the Navy :)cop
. He has been gone since the beginning of Nov and will be home for a R&R sometime this winter/spring then gone for another year. Right now he is in Diego Garcia after he comes home for R&R he will be off to Cuba. I hate it but I am getting through it.

We are a Jewish family and I keep a kosher home, I converted and my husband now plans to convert so that we can be one religion. I am thrilled about that even if it takes forever because of his military commitments.

I have had two c-sections
: the first was an emergency and went well the second and last was an absolute nightmare from when I checked in until the day I left the hospital. I had a tubal for health reasons (unrelated to the c/s) and we are saving with hopes to adopt two little girls in the future. Prior to carrying my first to full term I had 3 m/c all 1st trimester.

We are a
we practice gentle discipline and Waldorf learning in our home.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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