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Hello all! I'm TTC #3 at 35. I have a DD 17 & DD 3, & a DSS (yea, a boy)! I am extremely frustrated & stressed. Married 2/14 legally & eloped 2/26 for a Mexico wedding. We also bought a new home 1/31 and have to be moved into it by the end of April, although we're no where near finished painting and everything else that needs to be done. I am in my 3rd month TTC & frustrated, as both DD's were surprises. I only had one possible pos OPK in February (on the 13th), but it was just as dark as refrence, and not darker. Nothing in February, or in March (started testing last night, as I am CD11 in a 28-28.5 day cycle). I am OPK testing 2/day (mid morning & evening). Today, I bought TTC & ordered the Fertell kit.

I was on Depo, with last shot due 1/08, and was on Nuvaring from that time until 1/09 (TTC since). I have also been taking prenatal vitamins since that time.

If no positive this month, I will start a fertility calendar next month.

My obgyn appointment is 4/23.

I will start reading TCOYF, but wanted to know the consensus on supplements. Should DH & I take pronatal or other supplements? If so, what are you all using out there?

At this point, I'm just not sure what I should be doing.

Hugs to you all & loads of baby wishes coming at you!!!
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