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Hello??? is this thing on? awesome girlie sets

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at beccabottoms. And they're just sitting there!!! what's the deal. If I had a girl...lemme tell you, both of those would be mine. Well, theorhetically that is, considering I can't have a boy set....I'm tearing up again....excuse me....sob
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Oh that Hawaiin set is great! If it was a fitted and tee shirt I'd try to find a way to buy it! lol
If I had the money the swirls and dots set would be MINE MINE MINE! I just love adorable dress/AIO sets!
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they're so cute! if my 2 yr old dd could fit in a 12 mos dress, i'd be tempted.

WOW! Those peasant dresses and diapers are ADORABLE! way out of my budget (tho well-priced) but oh so cute!
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Too big for my wee one. I'm going to start saving up now for next summer when I'll be able to buy some of these adorable sets.
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