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Hello my fellow January Mums to be!

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Hi there! I'm new to the group. This will be our first baby and I've just moved into my 10th week. Our baby is due around Jan. 2nd. A friend has recommended me to this board as she has found it very supportive and full of great information.

I'm wondering if anyone else had a hard time with it sinking in? Here at 10 weeks and although the nausea and the sore breasts make it feel pretty real, I am still having a hard time convincing myself someone is in there.

It seems to me the first 12 weeks or so are so very nebulous, I feel I don't know if things are going to proceed normally or not. My first maternity appointment was last week and it was too early for a heartbeat, so now I am waiting patiently until the 27th when I'll go back at 13 weeks.

In any case - I'm hoping this is a normal part of a first pregnancy and I'm not just some sort of worry wart! My husband tells me to relax and enjoy this time but it's almost as though I'm waiting for confirmation before I'll allow myself to truly relax.

Anyways - nice to meet you all!
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WELCOME! I think your feelings are a normal part of pregnancy....I am expecting #3 and often feel the same way. Once you move out of the first trimester and start showing, feeling the baby move, begins to feel a bit more real.
I know it is so very hard to relax.....worrying is a bummer, but very common!
Enjoy your stay!
I, too have some of the same worries as you!! Today I have my 11 week appt., and I am really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat. i think once I do, I will be less worried about this baby
. Like you, I had my last appt, and they said it was too early for a heartbeat. This time we won't leave without hearing the heartbeat

The worries that you have are perfectly normal; at least, most of us have experienced them!
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Thank you both for the welcome - it's nice to know I'm not alone!
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Congratulations! I think it does take a while to sink in, although the nausea really helps to remind me that I'm pregnant. Even still I worry.
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Hi Polkadots!

Good to see you made it here!

Hey! I just saw your date and realized we're due just 3 days apart!! Is that amazing or what?!

(I keep wondering if I should be in the Dec 05 club or the Jan 06 club since first babies are so often late ...)
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Beachcomber-- I am due Dec. 28, but I figured that this baby won't make it's debut until January
. You can always be on both
We wouldn't mind
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Hi Beachy!

Ozz - how did your appt go yesterday?

Thanks for the welcomes. This week seems as though it is much better nausea wise. Almost too good! God I'm such a worry wart it's unbelievable! I cannot WAIT to get in and hear the heartbeat.
Polkadots-- Fabulous!!! i posted on "We saw our baby.." there is a link to the ultrasound and pregnancy photos there
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I'm with you on the "can't wait to hear the heartbeat" vibe, Polkadots! Our next appt is next week. I'm SO looking forward to it...
Yeah, it is pretty neat! I had an early u/s and saw the tiny heart flickering on the screen, it was surreal. It took us 2 years to conceive this baby and I still can't believe it is happening to me, I am getting my baby!
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