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Hello to my new allies, my birth story (very short version)

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I am officially posting for the first time in over a year. The first time was a question about cloth dipes. I should have a dozen times in the past in order to garner support for our parenting choices.

I am a wahm (Mei Tai style sling lovin' designer) of one 18 month old who was born at home December 11, 2003 with 42 1/2 hours of labor on a wildlife reserve. I walked the property that December day with my DH and was surprised how relaxed I really was while being at home. All the deer had birthed their fawns earlier that summer and so I too felt I would just do the same and join the motherhood a plenty. It was wonderful, as many of you know by experience. The donkey brayed as I moaned and nearly lost the power of one contraction due to laughing at her. I also 'lost' a contraction when my water bag bulged out...I thought it was a head! I had never birthed before and thought that it was way too easy to push a head out...low and was not a head! With meconium in the fluid sack, circulating in the spa tub and my midwife unworried, I moved on and birthed supine on the sofa as it was best to get his head out finally. Now I KNOW not to worry that my baby will be born in the toilet...they just do not FALL out ya know? I am thankful that I was not in a hospital because I feel certain I would have been sectioned and would find it very difficult to dilute that in my memory.

I look forward to my new venture in getting to know like minded mamas (and daddies) at MDC.
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Greetings! Another -would have had a section if not at home- here!

Midwives and homebirth rock!

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Hey Angela,
Did not imagine my fist reply would be in my backyard! We live about 90 mi from Houston. Great to meet you!
Okay, went to and I think Gunnar and Savannah have to get married. She is way too cute!
How beautiful! Welcome to MDC mama!!
Welcome to MDC!
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