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HELLO I just want to introduce myself I am Amber and I am moving to NS in 2 Weeks my Son is 2 months old born on March 17
boy: I will be moving to Elmsdale and would like to meet some new people. Please feel free to contact me.............AMBER
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Hi Amber! I'm Tamara. My dh, daughter and I just moved to NS a few months ago. We just discovered a playgroup in Halifax two weeks ago and have yet to make it there...but we are trying! You should join us in the Halifax playgroup thread! There are quite a few newbies!
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your son is almost the same age as my daughter Rayne! She is just over three months. I just forgot to mention that! LOL!
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Your little girl
girl: is 2 weeks older :LOL .....are you in Halifax? I would like to join the playgroup in Halifax......I need to find a few people that I can talk to other than my little one...... I have lots here but just family
in NS and well you know what family can be like after a while you get so that you need someone else......
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