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I've been reading here for quite a while and thought it was time to say hello to all of you!

I'm Joanne, my husband Billy & I are parents to three, living in Florida. We moved here from NYC in 2002. We're a multiracial, unschooling family formed through adoption. (that's a mouthful! LOl)

I'm looking forward to posting and getting to know all of you.
Have a great day!
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NYC girl, I'm Jesi, SAHM to 2 bio kids and dh's dd who I am hoping to adopt come MAy, but she has been adopted in my heart since 2001
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Hello Joanne and welcome to MDC.

I hope you enjoy your membership here as much as I do.

Come and visit the Vaccine Forum and see what's going on over there.

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Hi! I'm glad you've joined MDC. I am a SAHM (DS is 16 months), and I plan to unschool (or I am unschooling--depends on how you look at it.)
Hi and welcome! I'm Kathy, mom of four age 15 months to 11 years. Hope you like it here!
w e l c o m e !
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You have a gorgeous family, mama! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.
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Thank you!

And thank you all for the welcome!
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Welcome to MDC!
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