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Hello everyone!

I am a new SAHM. I just gave birth to baby Felix on March 20th at home.

I'm looking forward to making some new friends!

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We have a great Life with a Babe forum here

I like your username
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w e l c o m e !

And congrats on your new babe!
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Congratulations on having a new baby. They are just so much fun and responsibility. Sure changes life. But all for the better

to MDC

I hope to see you around

And perhaps you will come and visit us in the Vaccine Forum. Especially since you have a new born baby. Please get informed as what's in the injection.

Lots going on over there and lots of crunchy moms to meet.

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Congrats on your new wee one! I also love your username.
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Welcome, and congratulations on your new little baby!
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Hello and Welcome.

COngratulations on the birth of your son.

I love the name Felix (I have one too!)
Welcome to MDC!
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