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Hi! I just want to post some encouragement. You can do it! When I started nursing it was terribly painful and I had a lot of lactation consultants helping me. I had everything perfect, just like you, but there was still pain. I got little blood-filled blisters and it hurt a lot! I kept going and at some point the pain at each nursing was a tiny bit less each time. For me that turning point was about 5 weeks. And then one day, no pain at all!

One bit of advice I do have is to look at your nipple after nursing and make sure it is flat instead of pointed to one side (does that make sense?). Sometimes when I would nurse in the beginning everything looked perfect but afterwards I had those weird pointed-to-one-side nipples. I knew then that I hadn't gotten the nipple in there straight. Someone told me to break latch every once in a while if it hurt just to check for those. That way I could correct and be more comfortable nursing.
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