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Help! 3 yo doesn't like Grandpa

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Hi all,

My parents are visiting for a few days and My 3.25 yo dd won't let my dad have anything to do with her. It seemed to have started when she pulled his bookmark out of his book and he reacted with a big sound (didn't yell at her or anything). She cried and we did our best to explain that grandpa had been surprised but everything was OK, etc.

My dh and I went away for the night yesterday (first time ever) and while we were gone, dd wouldn't let grandpa ride the little train with her, push her stroller, etc. My dad seems pretty upset about it and I need to talk to him, but I'm hoping for any words of wisdom from you all!

I'm going to make a book for dd about her experience when she removed the bookmark (as we think this is why she's not wanting to interact with him), basically chronicling her feelings, etc. about that event.
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awwww poor gpa!! poor grandchild. the best healer would be time - something you dont have i guess. the book is a good idea. but space is what your dd needs. i dont know what else you could do otherwise.
We have a similar problem here: DD2 doesn't want to go near or look directly to my mom.

My mom is pretty sick and I guess she looks scary to a young one (hey! she even scare ME on her bad days

The avoidance started when DD was under 2yo. My mom had a few broken ribs and screamed when my father tried to help her change position on the couch.
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