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We did it!!!
: You guys rock!

As the mama of a 3 yo car-obsessed boy, I couldn't get one particular Family in Need out of my head. On the Holiday Helpers there is a little boy who never asks for much, but really wants the Shake n Go Racetrack for Christmas. It was too pricey for me to buy outright, but I've decided I'll pitch in 20 dollars paypal if anyone else can chip in as well. I think if we get together US$60 that will cover shipping and purchase. The family is Canadian FIN #2, btw, so check it out. We have a Canadian mom willing to buy the item locally and ship it, we just need to paypal her some funds.

Btw, I'm not in Canada either, so don't stop reading! So you can still do this if you have paypal. If you can pitch in, pm me.

Happy Holidays!

The family is #2:
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