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help...abnormal pap test and im pg

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i had a pap done at my 4 month prenatal visit. i was called 2 weeks later and told there was some kind of weird cells in my cervix. high grade intraepithileal lesion!!?? they want me to do a colposcopy(?). i was freakin out (never any abnormal paps, no STD, no new partner for 6 years) im 28. they acted like its no big deal, lets just see what it is, maybe precancerous cervical cells.
im tripping out. anyone know anything?
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All I know is that my doctor doesn't do pap tests during or within 6 months following pregnancy because of the high rate of false abnormal readings.

Don't freak out. Do some research, and make up your mind what to do from there. Personally, I'd probably seek a second opinion and at least wait until six months after baby is born to have another pap test and see how it turns out before taking any further steps.
A colposcopy really is not big deal, in terms of the actual procedure. It is really just a big magnifying glass that the physician uses to look at the cervix more closely. A speculum is used to help visualize the cervix. However, a colpo sometimes includes a biopsy, and I don't know how comfortable I would be having a biopsy done of my cervix while pregnant.

Did they do viral typing? Most cervical cancers are associated with the HPV virus, which most of us who are sexually active have had. There are many many different strains, and there are about 6 viral subtypes that are considered aggressive and responsible for the majority of cervical cancers. If they type the virus, then you can decide upon treatment, based on whether it is an aggressive viral subtype or one that isn't typically associated with cervical cancer. Typing is done by having a thin prep, liquid based pap collection.

We don't have a problem with our pregnant paps coming back with false positives, skewed results, etc, but we don't do paps until 3months post partum, instead of 6 weeks, because then you *do* have a higher chance of the pap coming back abnormal.

BUT, there is a difference between an abnormal pap and a pap that has a high grade lesion. If a pap is abnormal, the cytologist usually makes comments, like the cells look to be reparative (meaning there was something going on, but the body is repairing and taking care of it itself), beneign infective (like a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis), or that it looks like precancerous or cancerous cells. I would not mess around with precancerous or cancerous cells, if that was the comment made by the cytologist.

A GREAT book, which is also an easy, quick read is "The Abnormal Pap Smear, what every woman should know." It will give you a ton of information. Get this TODAY from a bookstore, read it TONIGHT, and you will be well prepared to discuss details with your doc, as well as make good decisions about your choices. This book does an excellent job in explaining the different results, what the treatment options are, etc. I think you will feel much better after reading this book! I can't recommend it enough!

I hope this info has been helpful. Keep us posted. Hugs to you to have to stress about this during pregnancy. But, not to minimize your fear or stress, most abnormal paps are no big deal, your body takes care of whatever was causing the abnormality, and susequent paps turn out normal. You are a healthy,strong woman!

Take care, and keep us posted!

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thank you so much for your comments. they help. i was so glad to check the thread and already have 2 comments.
so, an "abnormal pap" is more serious than a "high grade lesion"?
high grade lesion just sounds you think i should do the colposcopy ?(w/out biopsy- i wouldnt do that while pg)
i am going to the bookstore tomorrow and will check out that book. thanks for your support mamas
Originally posted by lovinmyboy

so, an "abnormal pap" is more serious than a "high grade lesion"?
high grade lesion just sounds awful.......
No, actually a high grade lesion is more serious than a general abnormal pap.

But until you have read this book, most of it will be greek to you.

Get the book, read it, and ask to see the report from your pap, so you can match it up with the info from the book. Never hesitate to get a second opinion. Question your doc until he/she answers your questions completely. That is why they drive a lexus; they can afford to take the tiem to answer your questions!

If he brushes you off, find another doc. Even if it isn't something to worry about, your doc should always take his cue from *you*. If *you* are worried, he needs to address that.

Get the book! It will answer alot of your questions, and provide you with more information to enable you to ask detailed questions of your doc, and to understand the answers he gives. If you don't understand, or aren't good at processing, consider hiring a doula early, (actually now is a good time, anyhow) and have her come with you, to provide support and to help absorb the info.

Let us know how it goes!

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