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Help Asap..need Best Pediatrician/and Female Gyn In Seacoast Of N.h...just Relocated

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hi all...well, we finally made the move from florida to new hampshire and now i have only 1 week in which to choose 3 primary dr' is so important i choose the right one's as i dread going or taking the kids to dr.'s ...we need a very good, friendly, pro-homeschool/attatchment parenting pediatrician within say, 20 minutes to exeter..i also need a great, super-friendly and non-judgemental type FEMALE gynecologist in the area of the seacoast of n.h....(i heard karen maynard is excellent but is in nashua and i am not sure how long that would take me from if anyone else knows of a great femal m.d. gyn, that would be so helpful..

finally..i need a great female internist or family dr....someone recommended dr. yvette youssef...she is with core practice in stratham...does anyone know of another really nice dr. for myself and my dh?...

your help is so much appreciated ...thank you ..b
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I take my kids to portsmouth pediatrics (there is also an affiliate in Hampton) good doctors there. I go to Dr. Jennufer Koop in Portsmouth Family Practice (in the Pease Trade Port) she is wonderful. Next, I went/go to Womens Health Associates for OB/GYN, good all female docs there. And I hear Womens Harbour Health (or something like that) is good too. I hear that
Dr. Youseff is good, I don't know personally but I see her around the hospital and she is always friendly.
i loved dr. roberta millard in exeter as a primary care physician - i had her for several years - my mom still sees her. we live in boston now, though may be moving back and i would definitely want to be back with her if we do. good luck! i'm looking forward to hearing the posts about peds as well in case we do end up back there!
If you need well-woman care, etc. . ., Tracey Bowman, CNM
During my unassisted pregnancy I had one prenatal from MariBeth (CNM) at Harbour women's health; she was encouraging and nonjudgemental and had come to me highly recommended. If she was a homebirth nidwife I even have considered having her at my birth (unassisted); I liked her a lot.

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