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HELP! Asthma/Allergies

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My 6 month old is pre asthmatic, and he is just not getting better being on 4 medicines. I am pretty crunchy and hate that he is even on them, but after a episode where he stopped breathing i decided to give it a try. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, he is only a baby and now the drs want to put him on 3 different steriods! Help
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How long has he been ill and what are his symptoms? Does he have frequent coughing spells? Does he sometimes vomit after coughing or struggling to breathe? Has he been vaccinated for pertussis?
Also, do you or the father suffer with any allergies yourselves? Do you have any smokers in the family who regularly hold the baby?
He has been ill about 5 weeks, horrible coughing spells, he wont eat (he is on formula(against my will)) I don't know if i would call it vomiting, more like spitting up mucus? (gross, i'm sorry) He has been vaxed. My DH has horrible allergies and sinus, but they havent acted up this year at all and we have no smkers in the family. I had to take him to urgent care due to rapid breathing/wheezing today and they put him on prednisone
: Which means he is on: albuterol every 8 hours(by nebulizer) xopenal every 4 hours (by nebulizer) pulmicort, zantac for reflux and zyrtec to help with the allergies. I think this is just so much for a 6 month old baby!
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I would get him back on breastmilk asap, and go on an elimination diet yourself. Keep him on everything else if you have to, but hopefully an elimination diet in you will help eliminate major sources of whatever he's allergic to.

As far as I know, giving him formula will only increase the number of possible allergens he's being exposed to.

Also, can you pump? Another way to feed him, if he won't nurse, is to syringe feed him in his sleep -- most babies will swallow in their sleep.

Keep us posted on what you're trying, so we can come up with other ideas ...
If it were me, I would have him tested for pertussis. Infants with pertussis do not always exhibit the characteristic whoop and it is commonly misdiagnosed as asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis - VERY commonly. Even more so when a child has been vaccinated, for two reasons: First, they automatically rule out pertussis, just because the child's been vaccinated, even though that vaccine is less than 70% effective, meaning 1/3 of babies who are vaccinated will not be immune. Second, because vaccination can change the characteristics of the illness.

It probably isn't pertussis, but I really would have him tested if I were you, because it's possible and I would want to make absolute certain that they hadn't just gotten it wrong. The reason being that if it is pertussis, those medications won't help and could actually make it worse. That's just what I would do if I were in your shoes, after seeing how inept doctors are at dxing pertussis when I had it and when my DD had it.

I would also start giving him powdered Vitamin C. You can mix a pinch of it with breastmilk or formula if you can't pump anymore.
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