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Ok, so one of the reasons I sold DH on CD is how cheap it is (hahaha, hehehe). I planned to only have PFs and prowraps w/ a few AIOs for nitetime/diaperbag. So I started w/ 3 dozen prefolds 4 proraps and 5 Kushies Ultras. DD is only 5 weeks old now. Here is how my stash has grown....

I bought 6 pink proraps as soon as I had her
(just sold these on the TP though, se already outgrew them

I ordered another dozen prefolds to space out laundry.

I custom ordered 3 pocket dipes from a WAHM, saw how cute they where and immediately ordered 4 more

Just ordered an Aristocrat (I have *really* wanted one of these as soon as I started thinking about CD)

And I just ordered 3 pink diaperaps to replace the pink proraps she grew out of. She still has 4 classics that fit fine.

Sooo in five weeks I have spent about $140 plus shipping!

Somebody STOP ME!!!! My DH is a college student and I am a SAHM! I don't have the money to just buy tons of cute dipes and covers!!! HELP!!!!
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