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Help! Babe hates getting his diaper changed!

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And I mean he really hates it. He cries and flips around and I don't know what to do! If we're home I just let him go diaperless until he seems cold (it's too cold to let him be naked all the time!) but it's almost impossible to change him without actually restraining him. He's 11 months old and I don't want him to have negative feelings about diaper changes since it's gonna be awhile before that ends! Has this happened to anyone else? How did you deal with it? Thank goodness it will be summer soon and we can just have a break from the diapers all together...
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oh, yeah! I have tried everything, but she's just so quick to move. Fo a while a novel item like the sailine bottle or a clean wipe would entertain her for like 30 seconds, but now I just grin and bear it and dread when she can run away from me...
This phase in toddlerhood goes by quickly, but you have to nip it in the butt!!! You are the parent, you are in charge -- not the child. If you do not have control over the little things, how do you think the bigger things will be???

I would sit on the floor lay my leg across their body and change them. It didn't harm them and they have never shown any emotional damage from it. I wasn't angry or mean or raising my voice, I sometimes would tickle their tummy as I put my leg across. "ooo, you are squirmy today, mommy's got to hold you down, dirty diapers are not good for your skin, poo wee, I'm going to get you."

They are now almost 4 and 7. My dd never has given that type of trouble...
For my babe (he's only 5 months, but twists and flops around quite a bit) we have a special song that I sing only at diaper changes. He loves it so much when he hears it he lays very still with those sweet little lit-up eyes. We also have a special toy that we bring out only at diaper changes. These things worked for my two older kids as well.
I put dd under the baby gym when I'm changing her diaper and the hanging toys usually distract her long enough for me to get the job done. Is there anything that you could give him that might occupy his attention for a few minutes?
Well, I'm glad I'm in good company!
I've tried giving him something to distract him and it works sometimes, but basically I just have to hold him down. And boy does he protest's the only time he really cries! I hope its just a phase
Thanks for all the suggestions!
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OP - My DS is the same age as your son and I totally understand. One thing I do is often put on the diaper while he is "standing" -- that is holding onto something. He'll let me put it on him that way -- even if that means pulling up a leg at a time or picking up his bottom. He just wants to "stand" *so* badly that he can't be put down for a diaper change. Not even for a second! Just ask him!

Sometimes I'll change him in front of the computer screen and the scrolling screen saver distracts him...
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