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help!! baby not gaining

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We just took baby in for her 1 week checkup and she hasn't gained any weight, not even an ounce
Doc wants us to supplement with 2 oz after every feeding or either BM or formula. I tried to pump but it takes me 30mins to get 1 ounce ( i have a manual pump). I think I am not making enough milk and baby is not sucking efficiently. I have no letdown feeling, no leaking, no engorgement and I am not seeing the pause when baby is sucking to indicate drinking. What should I do??? I don't want to give formula, but I want my baby to be ok. I am going to the hospital to meet with a LC tomorrow. Advice?

i should add she hasn't gained from the weight she was at since she left the hospital. we left and she was 7 lb 10 oz, yesterday she was 7 lb 9 oz
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Arrghh these doctors. Unless the baby is dehydrated or not pooping or is severely jaundiced or has some extenuating circumstance, then the first step is a lactation consultant not formula. Doctors are so short sighted when it comes to this.

Babies lose weight (about 7% of their birthweight) after birth. I'm assuming you mean she hasn't gained from her birthweight? If so, your baby has gained from her lowest weight, right? That's a good sign. Babies can lose up to 10% of their birthweight but after that some intervention might be necessary. My dd lost 14% of her birthweight before the ped. demanded I supplement. Supplementing before a newborn baby has lost weight sounds ridiculous to me unless there is dehydration or some other issue.

Pumping 1oz in the first week isn't unusual. You mean from one breast? It can take a while to get used to the pump also, and a manual pump isn't the best choice for a lot of women just starting off. The manual pump didn't work for me at the start. Sounds like your milk may not have come in yet, and an LC should assess that.

A warning about hospital LCs - they're very busy, don't do home visits, are used to dealing with very sick babies. I would have demanded an LC appt. the same day - it's your milk supply they're jeopardizing with a 1w old baby. I appreciated the advice I got from my hospital LC but I still had to hire a private one after I needed more support. If she's not helpful, ask her to recommend a private one in your area. Better still call your local LLL today and ask them to recommend someone.

Good article on what to expect

In the meantime, keep nursing. Don't be discouraged, the first 6 weeks are a learning experience.
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Ditto to wombat's great advice! I wouldn't wait, I would call a board certified lactation consultant TODAY. You can find one near you by visiting

Also find a La Leche League leader near you - - they are a volunteer organization so no charge for any help.

Keep nursing, keep nursing, keep nursing! One week is very early days yet - her sucking will stimulate your milk to come in and your supply to build. The more you nurse, the more milk you will make!
another mama just asked a similar questions w/ lots of good responses too

bottom line is, what goes in comes out. you know she is getting enough if she has at least 6 wet diapers per day. otherwise, no need for formula.
My ped told me it takes some babies a full 2 weeks to regain their birth weight. My milk comes in a little later than some and Nathan 9lb8oz lost 10% but started to regain after a 2 week weight in. I think it was closer to 3 before he was his birth weight.
** keep yourself hydrated and try some mothers milk tee ( it helped me
I also pumped for 5 min after he nursed for a couple weeks to help boost my supply
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keep an eye on how many wet diapers he has. and also watch for excessive sleepiness. i get worried when i read a post like this. my child had to be hospitalized for dehydration and extreme jaundice while i was EBF. by the time he was 8 wks old he had only gained 4 oz. we tried everything, talking to LLL, LC, medication, herbs and Bf on demand and eventually we had to do what was best for babe and top up with formula.

follow your gut and you will never go wrong.
Nurse all day long if u have to to get ur supply up. Get some momma milk tea. Pump after each feeding. Is actually a very good sign u can pump a whole oz. I never could pump much and I had no issues. Watch the pee and poopy diapers.
Keep in mind to that not all scales are created equal. It is possible that she has gained more than showed. The scales at the mw and the ones at the ped office was off nearly a pound. I ended up buying a baby scale to keep at home off ebay cheap.
Nurse at least 15 min on one breast and switch to the other if you are not sure if you have enough milk. Once you can express a stream after 10 min of nursing on one breast, make sure baby empties one breast completely since the fatty hindmilk is the last half of the milk he/she gets, then switch to the other to finish the feeding. Be sure you are getting enough sleep, food, water and reduce your stress as much as possible. Don't be quick to accept the suggestion that your breasts are inadequate. If it becomes a dehydration issue (check the soft spot to see if it is caved in) and you supplement a feeding or two w/formula, still express some milk to keep your supply running. Also, feed whenever baby wants, NOT on a schedule. These things should help quite a bit---keep up the good breastfeeding----even if for some reason you supplement w/formula, do not stop nursing anyway---your baby will greatly benefit from your superior food.
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I also heard that it can take 2+ weeks for baby to get back to birth weight. I also agree with making sure there are enough pee'd diapes.
At our one week visit, my baby had LOST a full pound! We did struggle with nursing (not my first, so this was a shock), but now at 13 months, this baby is healthier and happier than any other I've seen. She was at about the "20th percentile" for weight when my other was at 95... all babies are unique.

I can only bring my experiences to this thread and I hope you keep nursing, keep DRINKING water, and eating lots throughout the day! There is no one single answer. Take care of yourself.
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just wanted to say that baby is doing great now, she has gained almost 2 lbs and is 1 month old. we pumped for a week, but now we are EBF
That is so great
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