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HELP...Can I use ALL spring blossom detergent for Diapers?

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I am out of our regular diaper detergent and really need to wash diapers. I have alot of the ALL Spring Blossom (DH preferred detergent for his clothes). Can I use it???

BTW - I also have a cup of Tide with bleach if I can use that
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Any help PLZ...I really need to wash...Can I use baking soda to do the load??
You can use the detergent - just use a small amount.

I wouldn't use the Tide w/ Bleach though.
Just asking because I don't want to ruin my stash. My diapers need to be clean and cannot wait until Friday Payday when I go grocery shopping.
as long as DC isn't irritated by it, you could use the Tide or the All. neither should harm your diapers. I've used Tide with bleach before and other scents of All before.
You can use it I would probably just do an extra rinse.
I have used almost all the detergents out there. We buy whatever is on sale. All works great. I have also used Tide, but it seems to make my diapes stink after awhile. It is hard to rinse. Lately, we've been using Purex. My brother bought it once, and it works great, and its cheap, so I get that from now on!
Ditto what the other mamas said...just do an extra rinse. I've used them all...Purex does get them clean
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