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Help! CD sellers in INDY????

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I really want to purchase some AIO's locally here in good old Indianapolis. I don't know anyone else using cloth and have searched online for someone locally but I can't find anyone - is anyone from the Indy area that can help me find someone local!
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Thanks, but their diaper service is not for cloth,it is for home delivery of disposables. I'm beginning to think I'm the only CDing mommy in Indy!
Nope, I'm also one ... but the only one I know locally.
I did have a friend who did a laundry service for a month or so (a gift from her mom), but that is it.

All of my dipes were purchased online.

And now I know there is another CDing mama in Indy.
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Psst, here's another. Hi. (Sorry, I don't know any who make dipes, though. And if you want to see scads of CDing Naptown mamas, PM me and I can let you know about where to meet others like us!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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