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help..dd diagnosed with alopecia

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My 6yo dd was just diagnosed with an auto immune disease called alopecia. does anyone have any experience with this? My GP suggests steroids and says that it won't cure anything. I am seeing a naturopath, but no quick answers here.

My dd was healthy...and I don't want to jump to conclusions but I did recently (last 5 months) vax her for DpTp for a trip we were taking to south America. The public health nurse who administered the shots also vaxed her for Hep B with out my consent.
: I have been reading that Hep B vax is linked with auto immune disorders.

I know that my pride is weighing heavy on my heart as I can't stand the thought of my precious daughter losing her beautiful hair. I will love her regardless...I just want my babies to grow up healthy and happy know?
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come over to the vaccination forum and ask there. We have some great ladies who know a lot about vaccine reactions.

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to you and your dd. There are a few thoughts running through my brain, but my first one would be to cross-post this onto the vax board - my gut reaction would be that it too is related to the vax (and shame on the nurse for doing Hep B without your consent
). I'm not terribly well-versed in terms of how to undo vax damage, though I believe fully that it can be done and "incurable" disorders and autoimmune issues can be fully cured. Is she taking any supplements right now? Cod Liver Oil is the first thing I can think of ... I wish my mind was a bit clearer ... but I would definitely post over there as there are numerous, wise women there.
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I will start with big ugs for you Mamma.

Next I will say I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was about 3 I believe. I only lost one patch of hair unlike most people with alopecia who loss it in lots of patches and then it grows back mine never grew back. This all happened after my MMR vax I would have to check with my mom how long and for sure what age I was. I suffered seizures after the MMR on and off for weeks and ran a fever for 2 mo on and off on top of loosing my hair. My mother took me for Cortizone shots to stimulate hair growth now let me tell you my spot is on hte back of my head at the hair line on my neck so it is coverable with hair on top of it. Anyhow I had the shots. FAST forward to high school I was having horrid headaches I was in 10th grade and I would lean my head forward and rub the back of my neck and found a tumor on the back of my neck underneath and right where my bald spot is. I had the tumor removed it was very large and was caused by the cortizone.

My mom now will face that this was caused by the MMR. My dd who is 14 now also had seizures after her MMR.

Best of luck to you Momma.

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