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Help! Diaper rash, what do I do?

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Both of my twins have been in cloth now for about 2 months. One twin has grown slower and is still using kissaluv 0's with PUL covers. Recently she started getting some diaper rash... I was advised to cut some fleece to use for liners so I did that about a week or two ago. This weekend her rash got worse... Sunday night I broke down and used some sposies on her with Desitin. I've been doing that since Sunday but she still has the rash.

My question is - do you think I need to strip my diapers of residue? or wash them in bleach to make sure there isn't any bacteria on them? Is it normal for a rash to take this long to go away (2 days)? It's just a red rash... no bumps or anything.

Is there anything about the diapers that would cause her to have a rash (skin staying wet, allergic reaction, residue, bacteria)?

My larger twin is using Happy Heiny and Blueberry one size pockets and BG one-size organic AIO's. Even though these all say they are good for 8-35 lbs, my little twin at 10 lbs is too skinny to wear these I think... so I'm planning to stick with the kissaluvs til she gains a few more lbs...

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
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If it's not getting better with regular ointmetnt, it may be yeast. You'll need to treat your diapers a bit different to get rid of it and find a yeast rash solution that suits you. I just vagasil and it cleared up in a couple days (after a week of fighting with regular ointment)

Also, you can use fleece liners with heavier ointments. Just buy a dollar's worth of fleece remnant and it will make you half a dozen liiners!
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