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Help! Diapers for Newborn

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I am getting a bit overwelmed with all the choices there are out there. I really like AIO's and pocket dipes. What are your favorites and which should I stay away from. How many would you say is necessary? Thanks.

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All in Ones and pocket diapers are risky in the beginning if you're bfing because those runny breastmilk poop explosions aren't going to be contained as well.

I used fitteds and covers, mostly wool covers. If you want a less expensive option, prefolds work fine but you'll need a lot of covers since the poop is more likely to leak out of a prefold than a fitted. (Although I did have a few leaks even with a fitted). I didn't like prefolds the first 2 weeks or so because newborns keep their legs so curled up that it's hard to get it snappied or pinned on. But once he got a little older, I liked them fine.

I would have at least 3 dozen diapers and 6 covers.
I agree, we will be going with mostly fitteds and covers with baby on the way. I have preemie pfs, but I have added sherpa to them to contain the bf messes. I do have a few AIOs and pockets, but they are really my "show off" diapers and not for every day use.
We plan on having 2 doz preemie pfs ( I have itty bitty babies) and 2 dozen fitteds, 6 PUL covers, 3 wool covers and 4 pair of wool soaker pants that I am making.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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