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help... diapers smell like urine

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i prewash with vinegar and hot water/cold rinse and then wash with detergent and a vinegar rinse and dry in the dryer for 60 min. his fleece covers don't smell right out of the dryer but when they're on him they start smelling. ds is clean, so it's not him. what can i do?
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I heard to use baking soda in the presoak to remove urine smell. I have been doing that and we have not had a problem.

One note, I read that if you use vinegar (an acid) and baking soda (a base) in the same part of the wash cycle, they will counteract each other and you will not get the benefit of either.

Good luck! Washing issues are no fun, and everyone has an opinion on what is best.
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I'd stop using the vinegar, and move the detergent to the cycle following the prerinse. Ammonia (what you're smelling) occurs when urine comes into contact with bacteria, so try using *more* detergent. I use cheap Kirkland powder detergent and fill the scoop halfway. I've never had stink in over 2 1/2 years and I've never used vinegar, baking soda, or anything other than detergent. Good luck
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How hot is your water? ?Turn up the water heater all the way about 20 minutes before washing diapers. Usually that does the trick. And rinse with hot until you don't see suds. If your washer doesn't do a cold rinse, just do another hot wash without adding soap.
when my diapers get stinky I put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in when I wash them, and that seems to do the trick.
I second more detergent. I was using it sparingly and always seemed to battle stink issues. I now have tripled the amount of detergent I'm using, still a few bubbles at the last rinse, but diapers are stink free.
yup try more detergent. I tried that whole 'use a tbsp. of detergent' thing and the diapers smelled like hot poo in the dryer. ew. Re washed with my regular amt. of Windfresh and all was well.
i'd use more detergent and skip the vinegar. sometimes vinegar can make things worse. i think washing can be a trial & error thing...
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