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Help! don't wont no more sposies momma...

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We are just starting the CD venture.

We got our first order in yesterday and out of 10 dipes we sent 7 back.
(this is another post all together) We purchased through a WHAM site and after describing our situation the HH's were pushed very heavily. We hated them, don't like plasticy, crinkly stuff. Too, ds wants to pull at it.

We have others that we got from a WHAM that were shipped almost two weeks ago and we secured many on the TP over the past three days.

to make a short story long -- we were not planning on buying any more sposies and all we have are 3 new Liz'z Cloth Organic hemps in a dark multi print. This is what we need to know
  • Do they need detergent in thier first washes?
  • How many times do I need to wash before he can wear them?
  • Will they bleed in the wash?
Thanks for any help you can give us. I am determined that this was my LAST
sposie purchase!
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IMO (everyone differs when it comes to laundry posts) The hemp dipes should be washed on HOT and dried several (at least 4) times with detergent to remove the natural oils and increase absorbancy.

Not sure if they will bleed... none of my hemp dipes are dyed. If you are worried, I'd do them separately.
I don't own those brand of diapers, but I do have some hemp dyed SOSs. They haven't bled in the wash, but this morning I found blue dye on one of my fireflies from my diaperpail(dry method)! I've never had this happen, but I was suppose to wash them last night(every other day routine), but waited till this morning to wash. It wasn't bad at all just a few spots and it did wash out.
All we have for detergent is Dreft and Gain. We were going to go natural for the dipes and that is another post for today & I'm sure we'll have to order.

From what I understand Dreft is a no no.

So what dtergent wise can I grap locally that will be okay? W/ only 3 dipes I won't use much at all.

How many washes to get the oils out?

Thanks for the help ladies!
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I just read a post where someone was using Tide. For the first "get ready" washes could we use a tiny bit of thr Dreft or Gain? I hope to have something natural shipped soon, so this would be a temporary thing.
I use Gain to wash my dipes.
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I use (have always used) Tide for diapers -- the quick disolving kind and only about 1/4 of what they recommend.
You guys rock

Now, since I don't have but a few, 3, dipes (until fluffy mail arrives, all week!) how much do I use?

How many times do I need to wash the new organic hemp to get rid of the oils?

I hope to be posting our first cd wearing tomorrow!!!!!
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Does anyone know if baking soda will help get out those oils? That might help WhimsyTyme not have to use so much detergent but still get the stuff out.

I use a touch of Dawn dish soap (as far as I know no other dish soap works as well) to wash hemp and unbleached prefolds to help get the extra oils out..

And for soap I use about 1/4 recommended amt per load with and extra rinse before and after. I just use the generic brand lemon scented laundry detergent.. it's super cheap and works well for me. Where I live Tide is pricey plus I find it fades bright colors faster (no offense to anyone who likes Tide, I just worked in the clothing/fabrics industry for years and saw how different detergents weared on fabrics..).

HTH! Have fun washing your first fluff!!!

How many times do I initially wash to get the oils out?

Do I put detergent in each time?
Any ideas, suggestions? only a tablespoon or so for 3 dipes? how many times? detergent each time?
I use Dawn sometimes to break in my hemp. Otherwise we use Arm & Hammer liquid. One caution with Tide - the enzymes in the Tide combined with hemp and your dc's urine sometimes cause a rash. We used Tide for months without issues, then started having them. Other people can use Tide without a problem. Only a little each time with hot water since you are only doing 3. I cheat and do 2 hot wash cycles for every dry.
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