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Help! DS doesn't want to go to pre-school because of shoes

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My 3.5 yo DS is starting pre-school in 2 weeks. First, he needs to be potty trained. Which he was until he regressed cause of baby bro. But he says he will start using the potty again when he goes to PALS (pre-school). I have not yet told him that I won't be there with him all the time. I will 2-3 days a month cause it is a co-op. HOwever, I am going with him every day for a month to transition him in slowly aand I figure that it will come up as he sees that not all the mommies are there, etc.
So, he has been rather excited. He has visited the pre-school and met the teacher and we made a book. Today, I told him we needed to go get new shoes for PALS (he can only wear closed toe shoes and he always wears sandals). He asked why and DH said "Cause you can't wear sandals." He is very attached to his sandals that he wears everyday. He then told us that he doesn't want to go to PALS anymore. And when he says that he sticks to it. Now what?
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Would he like something like this which has a closed toe but open areas like a sandal?
You could also let him wear his sandals to school, changing when you get there. That technique has worked for kids who don't want to wear shoes at all. Once they are at school, they are distracted somewhat and don't mind the shoes being put on.
Would it help if he got to choose his new shoes? DS LOVES his red checked Vans. He pointed them out to me in Nordstroms one day when we were just walking past (not even shoe shopping). He did actually need shoes so I bought them and it has been sooo much easier to get him to put his shoes on.

Good luck!
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