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Help! Ds just drank moldy choc. milk

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He found a cup from who knows when and took a big swig.... gross!

What should I do? Will it hurt him terribly? Yuck, yuck, yuck.....
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I doubt it will hurt him Julie. He might have a tummy ache or possibly vomit but I don't think it will do anyting worse than that.
I doubt it will do damage either.
If he throws up, at least it's out.
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Ds once drank curdled soy milk from a sippy cup that got left in the car. I don't know how much he drank before we discovered it, but it didn't seem to hurt him at all.

It sure did freak me out though.
Well, he seems to be fine. No puking or anything today. : ) Thanks for the responses.
Mold is generally only an issue if you have a sensativity to it. The good news is that he will probably be OK with penacillin and similiar antibiotics! Seriously, mold is yucky but not especially dangerous for most people.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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