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We have now joined the club of parents shocked that our 15 mo ds has 4 cavities in his upper 4 theeth. The ped dentist is fine and qualified on the restoration end and went out of his way to tell us that this happens and it is not our fault, but on the prevention end only told me that I needed to stop breastfeeding and brush after everymeal, and that will help with halting further decay. Weening is not going to happen because I cannot believe that nursing and then brushing is somehow worse than drinking cows milk and then brushing. And most importantly ds needs his milk. I am looking for more suggestions in preventing decay until the cavities are filled and after. It seems like his teeth went from chalky to no enamal in one week waiting for our apt. I worry he will not have any teeth left to fill.

Also our ped dentist uses glass ionomers to fill the teeth, I have never heard of it before, has anyone else?

Thanks for the help. I just want to cry, it is all so much to take in in one day.
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