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HELP! Fast Please!

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My 3 year old DD got bit yesturday by what my mom calls a blue fly. She got bit on her forhead and on her right check. And her face is swelled up so bad it is almost closing her eye. We went to see the "doctor" (hes a PA but not a very good one that they use on Saturday mornings) He just said to give her benadryl and put on hydrocortazone (sp) cream. That hasnt really helped yet. The only thing that I have found that has helped so far is colodial silver dipped on a q tip. I have been holding a compress of epson salt as directed by her regular doctor that seems to help some when she lets me hold it there. Her regular doctor (whom I called tonight) also presribed zythromax incase she goes higher then her low grade 99.3 tonight. Anyone know what kind of fly this would have been or have anyother suggestions PLEASE Post as I am freeking out!

Thanks so much
I am going to post a picture of my poor baby at
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Sounds like an allergic reaction.

Homeopathic Apis works amazingly well for all kinds of bug bites and allergic reactions. Try a 30c, but if it doesn't work you could try to get a higher potency. Sometimes it won't work for a severe reaction unless you go 200c or higher.
Ditto on the Apis. If you find that doesn't help, try homeopathic Ledum.
I dont have any of that on hand
We just took her to the ER cause I wanted to be sure nothing terrible was going to happen (in my case I have read to much but NOT enough to make me sure of myself ALL THE TIME) anyway we saw one of those docs who if you question him they get deffensive. He wanted to give her a steroid shot right away my mommy gut told me no. I took the steriod prescription just to take it. Dobt I will give it too her. She is just soooo swollen her eye isnt swollen shut but noticbley littler then the other!
Im making the right decesions right? I Really need some support! If something were wrong she would run a fever and be noticibley ill, right? What kinds of things if any could I do that I may have in my home?? Basically I am thinking the ER vist was one of those vists were they give parents something just to make them feel good. I dont think a steriod would help there explination for it was to bring down the swelling so it does not get infected...but whos to say it will...right? Ugggh HELP!
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I'm scared to give you solid advice because I'm not a doctor. But your impression of MD's are consisten w/mine.

Can you find a ND in your area and see what he / she has to say? Even a TCM can give you a peace of mind. I personally love TCM practioners because they can treat and prevent.

My prayers are w/you and your little one.
I have a daughter who has an eggwhite allergy and she experiences really bad swelling when she reacts. I have epi-pens for her that I have had to use once. Benadryl does nothing but the steroid they prescribed brought the swelling down immediately. I know it is not the most natural cure, but it works really well. If it doesn't improve with any of the homeopathic remedies listed above you might actually give her some of the prescription. Also, you might have her see an allergist to determine if it is indeed the type of reaction that could be life-threatening.
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