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Help! Faucet Adaptor for Waterbirth

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ACK! We lost our faucet/hose adaptor in the move. Hell-Mart says their supplier has gone out of business---apparently the waterbed market isn't doing so well....We have no waterbed stores around---anyone have any other ideas where I can find an adaptor to fill my birth pool??? Home Depot looked at me like I was crazy
Online sources? Anything?!!

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Hi! We got ours at Lowe's, which is kinda like Home Depot. Bad news: it didn't work! Luckily (or not so!) I had a 42-hour labor soo...DH was able to get one that worked. Guess where he found it? A WATERBED STORE. Try it!
someone just posted this link on another thread here. Hooks to any sink faucet to a garden hose.

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Seriously, you should be able to find this part easily at any hardware store. Did you tell them you just needed an adapter that screws onto your sink so you can attach a garden hose to it? That's all we did - we didn't have anything waterbed specific to my knowledge.
what the last poster said... ask some other associate that works at home depot...

(typing one-handed while holding our new one-day old son...)

Brandi, Thanks! I actually saw that post by StacyL this am (Thank you Stacy!!!), and I'm now a proud owner of the complete kit!! It was even cheaper at the real store
I wanted the kit b/c it has the drain feature. The last birth I was at, the adaptor didn't work so they couldn't use the drain part, and they siphoned the water out using their mouths to start things going. *That* does not appeal to my sensibilities right now

I'm getting so excited---I still have two months to go...
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