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Hi all-My ds just turned 1 year, his father wanted nothing to do with us during the pregnancy, was mean, told me to abort, etc. etc. ...My ds was 3 months premature, weighed 1lb. 10z when he was born, had his first operation at 2lbs, was in the NICU for 4 months, had a right lung collapse, got sepsis from second surgery, almost died many times- I could go on and on. And prior to his birth, I was in the hospital for 3 weeks for severe pre-eclampsia. All alone. I was the one at 1AM in the morning at the NICU being told my son won't live-all alone. He came home August 2008 and I work full time, run around taking him to doctor appts., etc. etc. NOW he wants to play daddy. He was horrible, has no job and is unresponsible. I saw a lawyer, will retain him to protect my son and myself, but am scared. I need your support and strength. thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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