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HELP For a bfing friend ?

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I have a friend who is bfing her daughter born 5/5/05 she has started leaking blood along with her milk. She has no breast tenderness and her dd is doing great bfing. She wants to know is this something that is normal? Anyone know? TIA
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i know u said she has no breast tenderness, but a cracked nipple would be the first thing i would check 4.

also, is she sure it's blood and not some food she ate giving her milk a pinkish hue?
Is she leaking from both breasts or only one? When I started bfing my son, I had been pumping because I was unable to feed him for a few days after his birth (he was in ICU and I was recovering from surgery and “not allowed”). The pump caused me to bleed in one of my breasts. I didn’t pump from that side as often, and he nursed less often there too, until it healed about one day later.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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