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help for an early waking babe?

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for the past few months, my lo has been going to bed around 7 and waking up around 7. the past week, he has started waking up at 5 or 6 (or 4:45 ugh). we have added black out shades during that time, and it hasn't made any difference.

has anyone had any luck with moving a wake up time later?

i keep reading to put them to bed earlier to get them to sleep longer, but i have tried 6:30 (no difference). earlier than that? i have also been thinking about trying to add a third nap and trying to change his bed time to 8 or 9.

what do you think?
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My lo rose early today as well.. 5:30 am.

I heard that early waking is a result of poor sleep or not enough sleep, so you may want to keep his bedtime the same instead of making it later. As far as naps are concerned, maybe you should tweak those as well.

Im not sure how old your lo is, but mine is 10 months and they say 14 hours a day is a good amount of sleep (including naps).

Hope this helps a little, good luck mama
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well, you were right about the poor sleep thing. ds is 9 months and has been teething like crazy. he used to get up 2-3 times a night to nurse, and it has now become 6-10 times. no teeth through yet, but i think he is waking up because they hurt him.

he also rolls like crazy. if he even slightly wakes up, he rolls onto his belly and starts crying. i don't think that he likes to sleep that way and even though he knows perfectly well how to roll the other direction, he never does.

he naps about 1 1/2 - 4 hours a day now, plus 8-10 hours at night depending on his wake ups. so, i guess he is probably not getting enough now that i added it up. (i keep a log of his days, so i was able to look back over a few).

i guess i'm not sure how to get that extra time in. as it is, he nurses to sleep and during the day we rock him in the jogging stroller until he falls asleep. i feel like there are so many things that need to be changed that i don't know where to begin to fix this. uggg.
A lot of babies are ready for a nap pretty soon after getting up, so if he's waking at 5-6 maybe see if he'll take a better nap at 7 or 8?
Is your lo on a schedule? Not that it has to be rigid, but it helps a baby sleep longer when there is some kind of routine. In the book "the no cry sleep solution", she recommends that if your lo has 2 naps a day, they are mid morning and late afternoon. So the first one could be around 10 and the second around 3 ... and none at night. They should (with the nighttime sleep hours) add up tp 14 hours a day - since your lo is 9 months old.

Also, it could just be a passing phase. You mentioned he is teething and it was influencing his sleep. Maybe this will pass in a week or so... after the illustrious teeth pop through...
My LO starting waking early and then seemed to get into the habit of it. In order to help him sleep longer I started getting up and patting his back BEFORE the early waking time & kept it up until his normal wake time. I had to do this for several days but then he switched back to his normal wake up. Maybe he would have anyhow - who knows! Also, have you tried latching him on BEFORE the early waking and trying to keep him asleep that way?
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